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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Laura Branigan Article 1984

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  1. Laura Branigan wasn't always polite against media and press. This is just an example of her "jokes". Leonard Cohen's tour to Europe took place in 1976, not 1977. 1984 she is 25 years old she says. That means she was born in 1959 In fact she was 32. Laura was born July 3, 1952 in Mount Kisco, Westchester County. She wanted to be younger than she really was, though a teenager star can't be over 30. It is almost impossible to set things back, though her jokes has been false trues which later became established false trues. Sadly, but true. Watch my pinterest for old photos, old news from her early days in Armonk, etc. https://se.pinterest.com/born53/pins/