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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Chris De Burgh - Borderline - Favourite Songs

I think Chris De Burgh is underrated both as a songwriter and vocalist. I remember it was mid 80s and in the job I was doing the manager would play music over the P.A. and one of the albums he played was a best of Chris De Burgh. A number of the songs resonated with me and from then I started to investigate Chris' back catalogue and the new albums as they were released.

His songs are often stories of wonderful characters usually from times past and situations that perhaps the listener is always familiar with.  They have a powerful intensity. While listening the stories come to life and are brilliantly emotional. Borderline is one of his best. The line "And it's breaking my heart ..." is sung with such feelings that it really touches me.

For a while in the 80s Chris music would be my cry in my beer music when I felt down and alone.    

Live Performance 1987

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