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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Pet Shop Boys - I Want A Lover - 1986 - Favourite Songs

A personal favourite from the Pet Shop Boys 1986 album "Please" written by Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe. As an 18 year old struggling with his sexuality this song spoke to me. The Pet Shop Boys weren't out (how didn't we know?) but a couple of songs on their debut album, which I loved, really spoke to the gay guy in me trying to come out. After a couple of drinks there were times when I just wanted to be me and wanted to be with someone who understood and not have to admit to the World who I was and have to face the issues that coming out could bring. 

Neil Tennant Says:

"This was written in 1983, and is a self-proclaimed gay disco song: "When we first started writing together Chris was very keen that we should write sleazy songs - it had never occurred to me before. It's about standing at a corner of a nightclub and everyone's leaving and you've seen someone you fancy, and who's going to make the first approach?" It was recorded with Blue Weaver, who was a regular keyboardist for the Bee Gees."

1984 Demo Version
Spanish TV Performance

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