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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Smash Hits Yearbook 1987

Read the 1987 "Smash Hits" year book in full at Smash Hits Remembered.

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Contents Of Yearbook Are As Follows:
  • A-Ha - In Their Own Words
  • First Records Bought
  • I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing
  • The Pet Shop Boys - In Their Own Words
  • The Eurotube - Behind The Scenes Of Six Hours Of Live Pop
  • Simon Le Bon - In His Own Words
  • The Jesus And Mary Chain - In Colour
  • Ask A Silly Question - Questions To The Stars
  • Pop On TV - What Was Britan's First Ever Pop Programme?
  • Ali Campbell - In Colour
  • Depeche Mode - In Their Own Words
  • Songs I Wish I'd Written - What The Stars Wish They Had Written
  • What's The Biggest Lie You've Ever Told?
  • Five Star - In Their Own Words
  • Mega Quiz
  • Nik Kershaw - In colour
  • When We Were Young - Young Famous Faces
  • Robert Smith - In His Own Words
  • A Year In The Life Of A-Ha
  • Prince - In Colour
  • I'm The Real Tennant - A Fan Makes A Board Game
  • Neil Tennant - This Is Your Life Board Game
  • Way Back Then - All Time Top Ten
  • George Michael - In His Own Words
  • Books, Batteries And The Beano - Robert Smith's Travelling Stuff
  • The Bod Geldof Story
  • Giant Crossword
  • Andrew Ridgeley - In His Own Words
  • Seven For '87 - Hope To Be Famous In The New Year
  • First Crush - The Stars Reveal All
  • Madonna - In Her Own Words
  • It'll Be OK On The Day - the Phot's They Didn't Want You To See
  • Midge Ure - In Colour
  • 1987 Diary - Scrapbook

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